Summer BBQ 2023

With a dodgy looking weather forecast of high winds and rain showers, the organisers were constantly looking at various weather apps in the run-up to the Saturday barbeque. Could they safely erect the club marquee, would the barbeque grill need to be inside, would rainwear be the order of the day?

On the day, the wind wasn’t too much of an issue. The marquee was erected but it was tied off to the fence in several places to prevent any nasty surprises. The barbeque grill was moved inside and comprehensively cleaned.

Kieran G8CHB had once again organised the event, with Ann his XYL and daughter making some wonderful salads to complement the finger rolls, burgers and sausages.

Guests started arriving with their ‘bring your own’ drinks (although soft drinks were provided) and sat and talked while waiting for the coals to get up to temperature to cook the freshly purchased food. Trevor M1TAD found himself as Head Cook, supported by Dave G8ZZK and Kieran.

By about 3.15 all the expected guests seemed to be present, just in time for a fairly heavy rain shower which sent most to the back of the marquee. Plenty of paper towel was required to mop the tables located at the front of the

With the rain shower easing and the sun appearing, the first burger patties and sausages were cooked and the queue started forming. Many returned for seconds and then dessert!

Several dark clouds passed overhead during the course of the afternoon, but apart from some occasional flying paper cups and tissues, the weather was probably better than forecast.

Later in the evening What’s App was full of congratulation to Kieran, Trevor, Dave and Ann for a superbly successful afternoon with great food and company.