Summer 2023 Radio DF Hunt

In June 2023, over 20 Cray Valley club members attended Radio Direction Finding Hunt, using the Sydney Arms Pub as a base.

Six teams entered the competition, which took place on the neighbouring Scadbury Park nature reserve. Three “fox” transmitters were hidden in the park for club members to locate using radio DF techniques.

A slight complication to the exercise was a club net in Essex, which popped up on the frequency of transmitter two. The three transmitter frequencies were chosen in the top part of the 144MHz band where there usually isn’t much activity. The club net kindly agreed to QSY.

Guy G0UKN took home the ‘Tally Ho’ cup with a winning time of 29:10. Congratulations!

Sam M0SJW handing the Tally Ho Cup to the DF hunt winner, Guy G0UKN

Fae M7PHM and Nathan M7NAJ took home beginners category certificates – the fastest ‘first- timers’ with a time of 30:50.19

As well as the DF Hunt, the opportunity was taken to award the Sandell Whitehead Trophy to Adrian M7EGZ who was chosen to receive the trophy by the Training team for his success in our last Foundation exam.