Rockall DXpedition

In May 2023, a small team of daring adventurers including club member Nobby G0VJG set off for the tiny island of Rockall, more than 200 nautical miles off the West coast of Scotland and the nearest civilization. Nobby and Emil DL8JJ operated from Rockall from 31 May until 2 June. Rockall is the rarest IOTA in Europe, and the team operated two stations using both CW and SSB modes. This was a once-in-a-lifetime DXpedition.

Nobby and Emil left Rockall after a successful few days of operating, leaving only Cam (who was not a ham) alone on the island. Cam’s plan was to remain on the island for 60 days in order to beat the world record for the length of stay on Rockall. However, the North Atlantic weather had other ideas, and Cam had to abandon Rockall in an emergency rescue during a violent storm after only 30 days, leaving much equipment abandoned on the island.

Nobby G0VJG

Nobby, Emil and the Taiping crew departed Oban for Rockall on Sunday 16 July in an attempt to recover the kit left behind on Rockall. Unfortunately they were unable to land due to gusting winds and a heavy sea and had to return to the mainland.

Emil DL8JJ, Nobby G0VJG and Cam
Emil’s operating station
Tracking the expedition’s boat trip back from Rockall