Full Licence Course (intensive)

The final rung up the licensing ladder is the full licence and at Cray Valley RS we are fully prepared to help you with this last step.  As one of the few clubs in the UK that actually provide a full licence course, we are well experienced in instruction at this level. 

A Full licence course will be held on 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 16th November 2024.

The Full licence gives you the complete range of privileges and responsibilities, and you will be able to transmit at up to four hundred watts of power. One of the most useful Full licence facilities is the ability to be able to use transmitting equipment abroad using the CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications) privileges which lets you operate for a limited period of time in most European and many other countries around the world.

Our Full licence course is compressed and is of the intensive type and takes place over just three Saturdays and is followed by the exam during one following evening or weekend.  Leading up to the actual course we provide two maths primer evenings on Zoom (you do not need a Zoom account to access these sessions). There is also an Intermediate run-through revision session one Saturday before the main course. It is desirable that you do some self-study before attending the actual course, but we will cover all aspects of the syllabus. Although this type of intensive course may not be suitable for everyone, all the candidates that we have had on previous courses have said how much they liked this format but in registering you need to commit to the high degree of study required.

We have had great success at Cray Valley RS at the Full licence level, and rather than trying the distance learning course that is available, you may wish to consider our intensive course if you want to achieve your Full licence quickly.  We don’t ever say that the Full licence course and exam are easy, but at Cray Valley RS we will do all that we possibly can to help you pass.  You must however be prepared to invest a good amount of time and effort in your studies and commit to attend every session of the course, as any absence means that you will miss a large part of the tuition.  As at every level of courses that we run, you will have a mentor allocated to you who will do all that they can to help you with understanding some of the more detailed technical issues.

We have all facilities available at our meeting place to conduct the course instruction and exam in a friendly and informal environment, and we particularly welcome candidates who are disabled.

You will need to obtain the new syllabus Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) book “Full Licence Manual” and we highly recommend the “Exam Secrets” book also by the RSGB if you don’t already have a copy.  Both books can easily be obtained by ordering on-line from the RSGB shop.

This course is run every two years and alternates with the Intermediate course.

Course format and dates:

  • 3 full training days split accross 2 consecutive weekends – Full course sessions 08:30 – 18:00
  • final Saturday – Exam 10.00 – 12.00

Prior to the first training session, there are two maths primers (on Zoom) and an all-day intermediate-level revision session.

Price (including RSGB exam fee) :

  • £85.00