CVRS joins FISTS CW Club as an affiliated club

The FISTS CW Club has welcomed Cray Valley RS as an affiliated club.

Affiliation demonstrates mutual support between our clubs and for CW.

As an affiliated club, Cray Valley RS will be able to participate using club callsigns in FISTS Activities and work towards FISTS Awards.

Cray Valley Radio Society is now listed in FISTS Member Lists.

Individuals are also welcome to join FISTS with their personal callsigns for as little as £8 annually.

On-Air Activites

FISTS has a number of on-air activities, some are regular, and others are special one-time activities.

The regular twice-monthly “Ladder” activities which take place on Sundays are friendly, relaxed and fun.  They do not consist of exchanging 599001 TU!  Participants are encouraged to submit logs and scores but this is optional.  Even if you’re not in the least competitive, it’s still worth coming on to meet other members – they will be happy to exchange name etc. with you.  Results are published monthly in David G4YVM’s BrassPounder newsletter.

Sunday 24 March + Sunday 14 April 14:00-16:00 UTC & 18:00-20:00 UTC:
(FISTS CW Club) sessions include friendly, conversational QSOs with a minimum exchange of:
    RST, name, QTH, member number (if available).
Activity is typically around 14.058 MHz, 7.028 MHz, and 3.558 MHz.  One QSO can be claimed with an operator per 2 hour session.

100 minutes during Friday 01 March – Sunday 31 March UTC:
Win Copy of Roger So Far (FISTS CW Club) gives members an opportunity to compete for a copy of the book “Roger So Far – The first 100 years of the Royal Corps of Signals” by achieving the highest number of CW QSOs in a 100 minute period of their choice.  No minimum exchange.
FISTS Log Converter users – add WRSF to the Comment or similar field in your logbook.

Useful resources

There is a news group/reflector available here:

FISTS news items are available on the FISTS website home page, or via RSS, X, and Facebook:

Awards / Activity Tracking Software

If there is an interest in working towards FISTS Awards or entering FISTS Activities and Windows is available on a computer, the free FISTS Log Converter program will help keep track:

FISTS Centre of Acitivy Frequencies
160m1.818 MHz 
80m3.558 MHz 
40m7.028 MHz 
30m10.118 MHz10.128 MHz
20m14.058 MHz
17m18.085 MHz
15m21.058 MHz
12m24.908 MHz
10m28.058 MHz
6m50.058 MHz
4m70.158 MHz
2m144.058 MHz
More details on the FISTS web site here: