Club construction project 2022

(tr)uSDX all-mode 5-band QRP HF Transceiver

In 2022, 30 club members participated in the club construction project to build the (tr)uSDX transceiver, designed by Manuel DL2MAN and Guido PE1NNZ.

The kit comprises all the components and circuit boards. The boards are already populated with all surface-mount components, so members are only soldering through-hole components.

The case is 3D printed.

The (tr)uSDX is a great feat of engineering for the price and size, and features FM, AM, SSB and CW modes on 20m, 30m, 40m, 60m and 80m. It even supports CAT control (Kenwood TS480 emulation) and can be used for data modes!

The transmit power varies from about 2W to 6W depending on the band and power-supply voltage. Harmonic suppression is not too bad, at around 44dB down or better from the fundamental.

To find out more about the transceiver, please have a look at Manuel DL2MAN’s website at

Club construction project workshop