Cray Valley RS “2024 – Year of CW”
Members’ Survey

This survey is open to all members of Cray Valley Radio Society. Every club member who takes part in the survey will have a chance to win one year of free club membership. The winning participant, who will be selected at random, will be announced at the AGM on 18th April. We encourage all Cray Valley RS members to complete this survey, even those who have no interest whatsoever in Morse Code, as it will help us build a picture of the current level of interest within the club.

All individual survey submissions will be kept confidential, and personal identifying information (name, callsign) will be removed from the collected data as soon as the prize-draw winner is selected, leaving only anonymised data.

1. Do you currently use Morse Code?

2. Did you learn Morse Code?

4. Would you like to?

5. If you would like to learn Morse Code or improve your speed, which of the following would you prefer?

7. What is the estimated maximum copying speed in words per minute that you have ever been able to achieve?

8. What is the estimated maximum speed in words per minute that you can currently copy?

9. Do you consider yourself to be a potential Morse Code teacher/adviser/mentor to a Cray Valley member or group?

The equipment requirements of the CW Ops Academy are:

– Broadband internet access fast enough for video calls
– Computing device (desktop, laptop, tablet)
– Webcam (camera, microphone) either built-in or USB add-on
– Paddle key (single lever or dual lever)
– Keyer with sidetone, or radio with built-in keyer and sidetone

11. Would you be able to meet these CW Ops Academy equipment requirements?