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20 June @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This event is being organised By Ewan 2E0HOE.


Thursday 20 June 2024 

Briefing at 7:30pm local time, first team  will start straight after. The start and  end times will be recorded. 


Sydney Arms Pub, Old Perry Street, BR7 6PL (Sidcup/Chislehurst border near Frogpool Manor.  Halfway between Chislehurst War Memorial and Queen Mary’s Hospital) 

The pub has a car park and garden. Additional on-street parking is available and there is another  car park nearby 

The recommended entrance for the hunt is almost opposite the pub, leading into Scadbury Park  Nature Reserve 

The evening is social. Those not competing are welcome to attend… food/drink etc.

Car Park Entry requirements: 

Individuals or teams may enter in the same category. Members of a team may not split up No more than one receiver may be switched on at a time in each team 

Only conventional equipment may be used – antenna, attenuator, receiver etc. No doppler DF  equipment permitted. 

GPS, mapping and magnetic compass equipment are all permitted 

Equipment minimums: 

A receiver (or transceiver) for 2m FM, (battery operated/portable). A radio with a built in S meter makes things easier but isn’t essential. Choosing a ‘selective’ radio will help. Cheap radios,  many Baofeng being an example, will struggle when overloaded by strong adjacent signals. The  effectiveness of your equipment’s internal screening/shielding is also important when close to a  transmitter 

The receiver should be capable of tuning to a Beacon transmitters at 25kHz spacing at the top end of  144MHz. They will periodically identify in CW/Morse with a tone modulated onto an FM carrier –  G3RCV . There is no requirement to be able to decode the CW as there will only be one transmitter – ∙ 

A portable directional antenna.  The transmitters are vertical  polarisation. 3 element tape measure YAGIs are a popular  antenna choice – many designs are  published online 

Attenuator. Switched/stepped  versions work well 

Sturdy footwear for woodland  paths. 

Clothing appropriate for the  weather – rain or shine! 

Torch (depending on your start  time) 

A pen/pencil and any other stationery items 

What to expect: 

Start times will be informal  

Start and stop times will be recorded at the pub 

There will be one transmitter to be found. it will not be visible from paths, but easier to spot up  close, around head height, marked with an A4 laminated sign 

A ‘codeword’ should be recorded to prove that you found the transmitter 

Your end time will be noted when the last member of your team passes through the door/gate  of the pub 

Additional info: 

If you have hunting equipment to loan, please let me know (contact number below). I  have one set to loan 

If you are happy to host a DF novice in your team, please let me know (contact number  below) 

If you’re new to direction finding and you’d like to join an existing team, please let me  know (contact number below) 

If you would like to borrow equipment, please let me know (contact number below).


Do you like a project?! Why not build a tape-measure Yagi? Maybe  even a switched attenuator? Or, if you’re looking to ‘up-your-game’,  how about an “offset attenuator”? 

All questions to Ewan Kimmins 2E0HOE – mobile: 07397 077757  


20 June
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Sydney Arms Pub
Old Perry Street
Chislehurst, Kent BR7 6PL United Kingdom
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