Video by Justin G8YTZ from GB23C on Sunday 7 May

Video of Dave G4BUO speaking to a member of the Old Royal Navy College's media team about GB23C

Cadets practicing drills outside the Old Royal Navy College

A group of CVRS members milling around the visitor display area

A view from the back of GB23C, with Cutty Sark's masts visible in the background (photo by Alun G4WGE)

GB23C has provided a great opportunity for some of Cray Valley RS's newest members to experience a special-event amateur radio station for the first time; Will M7WGG on the microphone.

3 metric tons of ballast arriving on set-up day, used for securing the guy ropes of the main mast (special ground restrictions prevented the use of guy pegs on the ORNC grounds) 

The smaller mast for 6m going up

Ballast bags being filled, while the marquee goes up

Assembly of the main antenna for 20m-10m

Club members busy setting up the station

An expert review of the cat connection.


Antennas at Windsor
In 2022 we ran special station GB70E at Windsor for the Platinum Jubilee. A single main mast will be used at Greenwich for the Coronation station


TH5 beam under test
TH5 beam under test in a Hertfordshire meadow


GB23C is located to the west of the four main courts of the Old Royal Naval College, between the Visitor Centre and the River and very close to the Cutty Sark.