List of special event stations valid for the Cray Valley RS Award.

Callsign Event
GB150VC 150th Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Victoria Cross
GB200T 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar
GB2AF 100 Years of Wireless at British Vintage Wireless & Television Museum & Alfred Rickard Taylor, call sign '2AF'
GB2BF British Wireless for the Blind Fundraiser
GB2FB British Wireless for the Blind Fundraiser
GB2RAR Railways on the Air
GB2RE JOTA (Jamboree On The Air), Royal Eltham Scouts
GB2SJS Centenary, St. John's Church, Sidcup
GB4DFI Special Station commemorating Owen Cross G4DFI (sk)
GB4KME Kent Model Engineers Exhibition, Eltham
GB4RES JOTA, Royal Eltham Scouts
GB4SH Ham Radio - Summit Festival, Shooters Hill, London
GB4VLX Special Station commemorating Deryck Buckley G3VLX (sk)
GB50 Golden Jubilee, H.M. Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle
GB50RE 50th Anniversary of the Royal Eltham Scouts
GB60CV 60th Anniversary of Cray Valley RS
GB6CW Vintage Car Festival, Crown Woods School
GB6DS JOTA, 9th Dartford Scouts
GB6MW Mills on the Air Weekend
GB75BF 75th Anniversary, British Wireless for the Blind Fund
GB75CV  75th Anniversary of Cray Valley RS
GB8ST Festival of Science & Technology, Crown Woods School
GG100RE TDOTA (Thinking Day On The Air), 100th Anniversay of Girl Guide Movement, Royal Eltham Girl Guides
GR9RW Celebrating the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
M2000A Millennium Celebrations - Ranger's House